Client Feedback/ Testimonials

Shott Beverages

"LinkPlas has ensured our packaging remains consistent with the premium quality of our brands. Their attention to detail, superior quality, and prompt communication has resulted in a strong customer-supplier relationship, that keeps our products looking and performing their best for our customers."

Miranda Reid, Global Marketing Manager

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Damar Industries

"Damar have been doing business with LinkPlas Ltd since 2001 after purchasing the Andrews label. We began using the 1L poison bottle and went on to custom design a 2L bottle and cap which LinkPlas still supply. High quality and resilient packaging is of the upmost importance to our company and we believe LinkPlas do a superb job of delivering this".

Christine De Vries - Damar Procurement Manager

Aquity Trading Company

LinkPlas has been a strategic supplier to Aquity Trading since 2014.

During this time they have proven to be a dependable partner who has constantly delivered a product of high quality. Any issues that have arisen have been dealt in an efficient, fair and respectful manner which has built a confidence with them.

We would not hesitate to recommend them to any future business partner
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