About Us


Welcome to LinkPlas

LinkPlas is New Zealand's leading PET plastic bottle manufacturer with two factories based in Albany, Auckland.  We operate 24 hours a day 5 to 7 days a week producing bottles for both local and international companies.

The machinery we utilise is top of the line Japanese "Aoki" injection stretch blow moulding machinery.  We process PET and more recently PP and Triton material for our bottles.

We offer our customers added value and brand identity by supplying unique containers of world class quality at competitive rates.

We are also very proud to be a privately owned 100% New Zealand company!



LinkPlas Company History

After working for 10 years off-shore in the P.E.T bottle manufacturing industry, Steve Morrison (owner and Managing Director) returned to New Zealand to evaluate the viability of setting up his own production company.
A market study concluded that the everyday, large volume, single design P.E.T bottle market was well catered for. However, there was a requirement for high quality, custom design bottles for small to medium volumes.

In October 1997 LinkPlas was formed and Steve flew to Japan to select and order the latest technology machinery to target this market. On returning to New Zealand premises were leased on the North Shore, Auckland. In December 1997 Linkplas' first machine was commissioned and the company was off to a flying start.

Steve recognised early on that one of the barriers to introducing custom designs to the New Zealand market would be tooling costs. Utilising his mechanical background, he modified the machinery and tooling design to allow for versatility of tooling sets, to minimise costs for new projects working with local tool makers who manufacture this P.E.T tooling. In 2003 Morris Watson, a pioneer in the plastics industry and a lifetime member of Plastics New Zealand, purchased a shareholding in LinkPlas, allowing the company to continue to grow and prosper with the advantage of his experience and expertise.

LinkPlas is in production 24 hours, 7 days a week producing more than 60 different bottle designs. Our customer base now includes a large range and variety of businesses, both New Zealand based companies and multinationals. To secure a large number of these customers innovative new designs and products were required, the Waiwera Water bottle, Pettle Wine bottle, 420 Water bottle and the Shuttle bottle to name but a few.

LinkPlas' innovative style has won them numerous awards, including NZ Plastics Awards, North Shore Business Awards and International P.E.T bottle awards.