LinkPlas equals Business Excellence

Enterprise North Shore Business Excellence Awards

26 August 2005

LinkPlas Ltd takes out top honours by winning the SUPREME AWARD at the North Shore Business Excellence Awards held at the North Harbour Stadium last evening.

LinkPlas Ltd, who entered three categories in the North Shore Business Excellence Awards won the Massey University_3.jpeg Excellence in Technology Award and took out top honours by winning the Supreme Awards. LinkPlas are manufacturers of injection stretch blowmoulded P.E.T. (Polyethylene Terephthalate) containers for the food and drinks, industrial, personal care, healthcare and toiletries markets. Incorporated 7 years ago, LinkPlas now operates 24 hours a day six days a week and has a full time staff of 15.

North Shore based bottle manufacturing company, LinkPlas, "is now the fastest growing high technology P.E.T. facility in New Zealand" according to Japanese machinery supplier, Aoki.

Utilising innovative manufacturing techniques and the latest technology barrier materials LinkPlas has created a world first in the successful production of a PET wine bottle for use in the airline/entertainment industry.

This required more than 4 years of product development and testing to ensure the shelf life of 12 months and integrity of the wine was achieved.

The results are a plastic bottle with the same appearance, feel and characteristics as the glass predecessor. This offers the airline and entertainment industry huge weight and fuel savings, improved speed of in- flight beverage service and safety. Says Sean McElroy, from the Pettle Joint Venture partner, Air NZ, "The pettle would not have been the success it is without the technical expertise of those involved at LinkPlas."